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Window Film Tinting

Servicing Las Vegas & Henderson

Upgrade your home or business with window film tinting, printed graphics, murals, and/or custom wallpaper solutions.

Protect and re-finish stone, wood, glass and surfaces with innovative smart films, protective coatings and finishes.

Security Window Films

Transitional Window Films

Ceramic Window Films


Las Vegas,
How Cool
is Your Vu?

CoolVu’s professionals will visit you on-site and provide impressive product samples and expert recommendations. Once your choice is made, we can install within days!

  • Control Heat & Sun Damage

  • Renovate Surfaces

  • Provide Glass Safety & Privacy

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What We Offer:
Las Vegas & Henderson Window Tinting

Security window films highlight

Security Window Films & Tinting

When it comes to warding-off theft and vandalism, anti-smash and grab window film is an economical solution for vulnerable points of entry.

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Transitional Window Films & Tinting

Fully adaptive architectural window films, blocking harmful UV rays, solar heat, and glare while simultaneously enhancing daytime privacy.

Ceramic Window Tint Installed

Ceramic Window Films & Tinting

Ceramic window films block up to 50% of the sun’s heat, keeping views clear and interiors cooler and more comfortable.

Window Tinting Benefit Glare

Solar Window Films & Tinting

Solar window tinting works for commercial installations on buildings to darken window and door glass for maximum sun glare and energy control.

What Our Customers Say

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